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Above & Beyond Aftersales

“Nassar Group’s dedication towards customer service will continue bringing clients to the winners’ circle, time and time again.”


Professional & Dedicated Service with a human touch

Nassar Group is a modern family business working at the highest principles guiding customer service, with excellence first, foremost, before or after a sale.

Pleasant but always professional, our relations with clients are based on expert, prompt, and dedicated helpfulness with a human touch

Times and complexities change, but in relationship-building, our steadfast commitment to worry-free service and product excellence remain ever so constant.

Be it an exciting project you’re undertaking, or throughout one of our product’s life cycle, we engage skills and know-how to bring you value adds, simplify processes, and increase confidence in your decisions.



Be it during or following a product purchase, and supported by global partners, our career sales consultants and engineers, listen to your needs, understand your challenges and identify unique paths to solve them


We avail prompt sales and solutions advisory, maintenance, repairs, software or product installation, training, and the latest updated versions for your hardware and software systems.


We pay attention to your queries, provide immediate assistance, and resolve your challenges.


We design, align and implement software  purposed to fit your exact needs, solve your challenges, and boost business workflows.

Only the Best !


Different teams, dissimilar solutions…CONTINUOUS LEARNING

Our continuous team learning and training cover all facets of your business, and keep your company running at peak performance.


Problem Solvers ,Solution Providers

As a company of people, we generate infectious energies, client synergies and fresh perspectives.

Nassar group retains solutions-oriented leaders with a never-give-up attitude, empowered to act decisively, responsibly.